Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Legend of Xanadu Help Page!!

The Legend of Xanadu Help Page!!
Some years ago I made my way through The Legend of Xanadu: one of the greatest action RPGs ever made for the Japanese PC Engine Duo console. Created by Falcom, primarily a maker of PC games for the most part, it has become one of their very few journeys into the world of console gaming. Unfortunately, it was never released in English, so you still have to import it to enjoy it. Recently Falcom released the game again, this time for the PC only, as an added bonus with the Xanadu Next Game and Falcom Special Box 2004. If you've ever played it, you know it is gut-wrenchingly hard without knowledge of Japanese, and I fall into that category.

When I first attempted to complete the game, I found a small guide online for English players that has now been gone for some time it seems. While not a walkthrough, this guide was the only way I would have completed this awesome game. Luckily I saved it, and have contacted the author, Ara Shirinian. For the fans who wish to experience this incredible game, I am bringing this guide back. Having finished the game, I have been able to add some additional information to help as you make your own journey through it. To the author, thanks so much for your work, and thanks for responding to my e-mail about the guide!!

The Legend of Xanadu is broken up into many different areas. It will take a little time to completely add and post instructions for every area, so please be patient. Combat takes place in two different formats:

1. An overhead view where you charge into the enemy monsters just like in Ys.

2. Side-scrolling action stages where you have to physically attack all the monsters. This is where the boss fights take place.

Since this page is intended for the guide only, please check out the link to Hardcore Gaming's Legend of Xanadu coverage. There you will find valuable information on the Legend of Xanadu series and the characters. Ok, so now that I've gotten that out of the way, get to enjoying this great game!

The Legend of Xanadu Guide, written by Ara Shirinian:


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